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Joe Krone examines forty battled from the fall or Rome to the edges of the Renaissance use military miniatures to show the battles, which includes a map of the battlefield, orders or battles biographies of the commanders.

Thirty battles from Attila to the War of the Roses provide the reader a map of the battle, the details, the composition of the armies and bios of the commanders – all illustrated with miniatures soldiers.  A paperback book covering battles across Europe from Portugal to Russia by the author of Land of the Free.  A must for anyone interested in the medieval period.

Joe Krone is an avid historical enthusiast and brought his passion to the wargaming industry early in his career. He worked for Games Workshop as a promotions and marketing manager for over six years and spent five years managing events for Battlefront Miniatures. His experiences in both the science-fiction/fantasy and historical markets have given him a broad understanding of world events and there connection to tabletop wargaming. Joe has written several articles for White Dwarf magazine and Wargames Illustrated, contributed to the 3rd Edition Flames of War rulebook and authored Osprey Publishing’s Land of the Free. Born in Hartford, Connecticut he now resides in Atlanta, Georgia working as a Director of Recruiting for an executive search firm.