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Miniature wargames have been with us in one form or another for a long time.  While there are many wargaming opportunities available, Little Battles adheres to a simple philosophy – always have fun while capturing the feel of the period.  This is a set of simple rules using lots of dice, that offer numerous tweaks and subtle nuance fro playing a period piece.

Little Battles is designed to play across multiple historical periods.  First is Shock, covering the warfare of the Ancient times through to the Medieval period. This is followed by Pike & Shot, covering the 16th – and 17th Centuries, the Musket period of the 18th and 19th Centuries, Rifle & Saber from the mid to late 19th Century and finally, the Modern era.  Little Battles is a fully illustrated, seasoned set of rules that allow you to play a game in an hour or two.