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Wydawca: Against the Odds

Against the Odds magazine #6

A solitaire game simulating the three day battle for the pass at Thermopylae from 18 August to 20 August 480 B.C. Includes a 23" by 34" mapsheet, 240 half-inch die-cut counters, 8 page rule book, and two copies of reference charts. No ground scale is specified, each combat unit is 100 men, each full game turns represents one full day of time (there are action rounds and segments within each full turn).

In this solitaire game the player takes on the role of Leonidas, Spartan commander in charge of the Greek forces, against the overwhelming invasion force of the Persians. The rule set governs the movement and combat of the Persians.

The battle field itself only takes up a portion of the 23" by 34" mapsheet, which also areas for tracking game turns, Greek and Persian morale, and a missile fire priority diagram. The battle field has a grid (not hex) pattern. The Thermopylae pass was very narrow (20 meters at the narrowest point), so unit deployment is the essential mechanic instead of side ranging maneuvers.

Although this is primarily a solitaire game, there are minor rule changes provided for two-player play (Greek and Persian sides), and even a three-player option (commanding different contingents of the Greek force).