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Wydawca: Compass Games

Czasopismo miłośników planszowych gier wojennych z grą Nomads No More–wojna domowa w Rosji w azjatyckiej jej części.


Nomads No More – Central Asian Conflicts in the Wake of the Russian Civil War, by John Gorkowski


The Nomads No More (NNM) game system includes two different games: Ungern-Sternberg’s Mongolia and Enver Pasha’s Bokhara. Both games use the same core rules but separate maps and pieces to cover concurrent conflicts that erupted on the eastern perimeter of Soviet Russia soon after the Russian Civil War – the early 1920’s. Ungern-Sternberg’s Mongolia simulates the invasion of Mongolia by fleeing Whites, their clash with the Chinese and subsequent pursuit by Reds. Enver Pasha’s Bokhara covers the Basmachi Revolt against Soviet rule around Bokhara - present day Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


Complexity: Medium

Solitaire: High

Time scale: 1 Month/turn

Map scale: 50 miles/hex

Unit scale: Regiments

2 Maps and 1 Countersheet