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Wydawca: Flying Pig Games

In this issue we will interview the founder of The Little Game Company That Could, Alan Emerich, and take an in-depth look at one of Victory Point Game's popular titles, Imperial Stars II. We'll give you a hint on that one. Gamer Girl and wall-climber extraordinaire, Ania B. Ziolkowska, loves it. 

Is that too many commas?

Brad Smith, owner of Hexsides and Hand Grenades provides an in-depth review of Unconditional Surrender, Sal Vasta's gem of a game. Brad even includes a nice AAR with the review. 

The magazine also includes articles on Dragon Dice, GMT's Red Winter, and World in Flames, and then there is Dead of Winter. A title that many feel is the greatest thematic game ever designed, Dead of Winter, breathes new life into the tired zombie genre. Tom reviews it, and we think you'll like what he has to say.

Brian Train's made his name on smart, innovative designs about asymmetrical warfare, and Yaah! is proud to present two of them. UPRISING and ARMY OF SHADOWS are two-player games that pit an oppressive state against a desperate but growing rebellion. Each game provides a distinctive, replayable, and non-random take on this common theme that mirrors and complements the other-- a dazzling diptych of doubt and insurgency.

In UPRISING, the State knows where the rebel units are, but not what they are-- violent radicals, passive sympathizers, or simply shadows? The Rebels must misdirect the State to buy themselves the time to build a loose-knit network born of popular unrest into a force capable of declaring open revolution-- but will they overthrow the current regime, or be crushed?

In ARMY OF SHADOWS, both players have their own map and set of counters-- but only the Insurgent Player knows for sure where his units are located. It's a tense and desperate race as the State tries to find and destroy the insurgency before the army of shadows can seize the capitol.

Each game unfolds as a knife-edge battle of wits between the two players, where a single mistake can topple a government or crush a rebellion.

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