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The prisoners of Stalag 17 have only one thing in mind: escape.  With a good plan, the necessary tools and an excellent knowledge of the area you will be able to get out of there. 


But beware; inmates from other countries are also trying to escape and as son as one of them does, the guards will tighten their security both in the cells and with the soldiers themselves. They will confiscate everything that might have been put aside and increase surveillance of those who have been found with items forbidden in Stalag 17, making it virtually impossible to escape. 


Use the guard to help you get rid of things you cannot use, hide the items that might help you and do no wait too long, i´ve heard the guys from the other barrack are planning their escape for tonight...



  • Game Deck with 84 cards
    • 8 Object cards: Clothes
    • 8 Object cards: Food
    • 8 Object cards: Documents
    • 8 Object cards: Tool
    • 8 Object cards: Map
    • 10 double objects cards
    • 26 Runaway route cards
    • 4 Barracks cards
    • 4 Information cards
  • 5 Object dices
  • 1 Runaway dice with 6 faces
  • 40 Surveillance tokens
  • 15 Prisioners tokens (3 tokens for each country)


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