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Wydawca: Academy Games

The BOMBSHELLS.  Call this MAYHEM strike team when only the heaviest of artillery will do.  Red Card proves that sometimes a loose cannon is the perfect tool for the job.  The ingenious inventory Joule and her machine gun turret, Volta, can turn a full-metal jacket into a fashion statement.  And expert immunologist Rama can cure any disease -- or use it as a weapon.

This collector's set includes:

  • 1 Red Card Figure & Board
  • 1 Joule Figure & Board
  • 1 Joule's Turret "Volta" Figure & Board
  • 1 Rama Figure & Board
  • 9 Mayhem Cards (3 per Agent)
  • 27 Gadget Cards (9 per Agent)
  • 45 Upgrade Tiles (15 per Agent)
  • 3 Mayhem Status Markers