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Wydawca: Mighty Boards

Players step into the shoes of a hero that has been bashed and tortured by one or more of the 4 gangs in the game. Players win by building up their heroes, scouting gang dens to find the bastards who wronged them and then take bloody revenge through action-packed fight sequences made up of dice based puzzles.

Player Count: 2 - 4 (+1 player per Gang Pack)
Time: 30 mins per player (actual)
Category: Fighting, Dice, Miniatures, Puzzle
Mechanics: Set Collection, Variable Player Powers, Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Area Movement.

The game starts off with The Wronging.  This is a prelude to the actual game where the heroes get bashed by bosses of the four gangs in the game.  The game proper is made up of two types of turns: Montage and Fight turns. 

Montage turns use a blend of dice drafting and hidden card selection to allow the heroes to heal, upgrade their characters' skills and items and scout out the gang dens that make up the game board. 

Fight turns see heroes bursting into the dens where the bosses that wronged them are hiding and attempt to take out the boss, and possibly clear out the den from the gang's minions altogether.  The more badly wronged the hero was by the boss in question the more victory points they will score for taking them out.  The game is won by the player that scores most victory points by killing bosses, clearing dens from minions and scoring additional points based on end-game conditions.