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Wydawca: One Small Step

This issue of Ares is an all-female contributor issue, with stories and game design all by women authors. Join us in celebrating the contributions women have made to literature and our hobby!

Issue Contents:
Fiction: The Ghost-Limbed Pilot by Gwendolyn Clare
Borrowed Things by Tina Smith
Interview with Scottie Chapman
Aeronauts of Aura by Julie Novakova
The Forlorn Hope by Gemma Noon
The Fall by Kenneth Steven

The Dance: Kara Fetterhoff’s multiplayer game of intrigue between vampire families during a grand ball. Each of three to six players maneuvers their vampire family lead through a busy dance floor to engage select members of royal families, the military, the clergy, and others to achieve their respective dark goals. The first family to influence the right combination of attendees wins! Ages 12 and Up!