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Add more character to your game with the Dungeon Degenerates Freaks & Psychos Expansion Pack! This Dungeon Degenerates expansion features 8 new Adventurers!  The Charlatan Magician, Cloaked Killer, Fishy Confectioner, Hermit Ascetic, Highway Robber, Naughty Naturalist, Sharpshooter & Solitary Swordsman will bring new skills, loot, weaknesses & most importantly - stories - to your game of Dungeon Degenerates!

The Dungeon Degenerates Freaks & Psychos Expansion includes - 8 New adventurers with character sheets & standees. 18 Loot Cards. 15 Skill Cards. 3 Epic Monster Counters. 3 Epic Monster Cards. 1 Infected Counter. 3 Weakness Cards. 

For Dungeon Degenerates by GOBLINKO