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Grime & Gold At The Ghostgates  is a dungeon crawl adventure module for DUNGEON DEGENERATES by Erick Bouchard &  illustrated by Sean Äaberg. Grime & Gold At The Ghostgates drops you into a swampy dungeon in the Würstreich filled with an abundance of Scrogs, Scroglins & other nasty, moist monsters that would happily have you die in the dungeon & munch on your bones!

Second printing with fixed text

If you got the first printing with omitted text we made a fixed pdf with it for you here.

Grime & Gold At The Ghostgates comes with the exclusive Scroglin Soldier card for use with Dungeon Degenerates & a full-color map. 

40 pages, 8.5" x 5.5" stapled spine.

Printed in the USA, by GOBLINKO.