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Dead Reckoning is a light, fast-playing zombie-themed game that features a new, streamlined game system which allows both players to be constantly involved in the game play. It provides challenging decision making and yet easily resolved all combat with the simple drawing of cards. There are no complicated combat results tables, no dice rolling, no factor counting, no lists of modifiers and almost no math calculations. This game is designed to be enjoyed by both grognards and zombie fans alike.
  • 1 - 11" x 17" map of the once peaceful and idyllic Schnitz Valley.
  • 88 - 5/8" counters, representing all the poor souls involved in this desperate struggle.
  • 2 - 8.5" x 5.5" player aids, one for each player, to assist in keeping track of the horrible events.
  • 1 - Rule book, detailing all the ways and means to simulate the zombie apocalypse and including a Chaos Table, because what would a zombie game be without unfettered, thematic chaos?
  • 0 - Dice (that's right - no dice were harmed in the making of this game).
  • 54 - Cards, consisting of 18 Initiative Cards and 36 Combat Results Cards. These are all you need to resolve events during game play.
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