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No-one knows the face behind the Outcast’s mask, or how long he has wandered the Wilds. All we know is that this mysterious, mutation-twisted figure was exiled from some distant settlement, and has dedicated himself to single-handedly exterminating mutantkind. It’s unsettling how gleefully he brings violence down upon his fellow mutants, but there’s no doubt you’d much rather have him on your side than against you.

Upgrade your Posthuman Saga Core game with 1 Mutated Follower (The Outcast), 1 Double Moon Club, 1 Hand X-Bow and 1 Outcast’s Map.

Posthuman Saga is a competitive, tactical survival adventure set in the post-apocalyptic world of Posthuman. You play as one of the last human survivors. Just over a year ago all you wanted was to find the Fortress, the last human bastion in a region overrun by mutants. Today, you’re being sent out beyond the safety of its walls on a journey into the uncharted Wilds. There’s a dozen survivors for every mouth the Fortress can feed. It’s time to earn your place within its walls once and for all.

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