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Wydawca: Gen-X Games

Hexcalibur is an abstract wargame for two players, with an average duration of 40 minutes per game. The action takes place in the first and convulsive years of the reign of Arthur Pendragon. The round table doesn't exist yet and the land is torn by a war between the kingdom of Logres, the forces of Cumbria and the mysterious pagan warriors.

You can recruit men and beasts, make use of Merlin's powers, and even brandish the mythical sword Excalibur.

During the game, players place hexagons (representing their troops) over different territories. If you place similar troops next to each other, they will form chains, improving their effectiveness in combat.

When a territory has as many hexagons as its population limit, a battle takes place. Win battles in order to conquer the different regions of Britannia ... but be very careful with the dragons!!

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