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Set in a fantasy world, Drums of War puts each player in charge of an army represented by an asymmetrical deck of cards, led by a commanding hero.

Cards are deployed on the battlefield, in the form of units, equipment or tactics, which decimate the deck for each action they perform.

In two-player or solo games, Drums of War offers fast-paced, tactical games lasting 30 minutes.

To win the game you must cause the opponent’s hero as many wounds as his life value indicates, before running out of cards to recover your hand.

To achieve this, each player has a deck of 38 cards, from which we will have to draw a certain number, according to the hero we are going to use in the battle. Some heroes force us to draw them at random, while others allow us to choose them.

Along the game, we alternatively deploy cards from our hand to the battlefield with the particularity that, to deploy a card, we will have to pay its cost with other cards from our hand.

Retired cards, except for specific ability effects, do not return to play during the game… you will have to choose wisely!

Once both players pass, combat takes place between the units deployed on the battlefield.