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Wydawca: Dotwood Games

Rite is an epic, asymmetric and tactical wargame that makes players forget the world around them. Each player commands one of five factions (Humans, Goblins, Undead, Chaos or Primals) that try to complete a rite in a volcanic crater.

The Humans try to call upon the might of the Angels by activating shrine tiles. The Goblins need to bring sacrifices to their fire beacons to activate them and call upon an ancient dragon. The Undead need the life energy of the other factions to activate runes and open a portal to the underworld. Chaos tries to take control of enemy units to infiltrate the enemy factions. Finally, the Primals try to devour all enemies to evolve one of their little hatchlings into Ultimatosaur.

The factions can complete their rite by summoning unique units, moving them around and defeating other units. While doing so, they can perform special rites to summon powerful commanders and unlock mighty spells.

Whatever the objective, players better watch their step, because a furious Firelord is trying to burn them off his volcano!