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Wysyłka w ciągu: 60 dni
Wydawca: Blue Panther LLC

Designed by CSR award winning designer Keith Tracton, RDZ – Raider Drop Zone – The Assault on Planet Kraken is a two-player game of company, regimental and divisional combat action between the elite human Terran Fleet Raider Forces and the dreaded alien Kraken, set in the science-fiction universe of Firepower Pass.
As the Terran Fleet Raider commander, you will drop your Raider companies using drop capsules while landing your Supporting Medium Armor companies, Combat Engineer platoons, and sophisticated “Tunnel Detector” Ground Sonar sections in Terran Fleet planetary assault landing boats. Coordinate your forces to root out and destroy the subterranean defenders.
As the Kraken Supreme Neuro-Director (The “Only Mind”), you will coordinate your Dragoon soldier swarms, Storm Armor Heavy Weapon Vehicle swarms, and unarmed but seemingly numberless Drone Legion mega-swarms to defend your home world. Alternating a kaleidoscope of surprise surface raids with juggernaut assaults may annihilate the soft-skinned invaders, or at the very least inflict enough casualties to force them to withdraw….