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The fourth volume of the Military and Police Forces of the Gulf States provides an in-depth examination of the security arrangements and forces ‎of three Arabian Gulf states – Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar – during the period from ‎the aftermath of the First World War up to 1980. Drawing on a wealth of exclusive ‎photographs, colour diagrams, and ORBATs, it presents a detailed analysis of the ‎origins, structure, and equipment of their armed forces, police, and intelligence ‎services.‎

By examining the historical development of these forces, this book sheds light on ‎the transformation of each state's security arrangements from reliance on ‎the ruler's tribal forces and retainers to professional security forces. This volume offers an invaluable reference source for academics, enthusiasts and researchers ‎interested in the history, structure, and equipment of security forces in the Middle ‎East.