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A Brilliant Little Victory is a history of the 48th (South Midland) during the First World War, including its successful defence of a critical position on the Asiago Plateau in June 1918. It charts the history of the division from establishment in 1908 to its initial deployment on the Western Front in March 1915. What followed was an introduction to the trenches at Ploegsteert Wood; participation in the Battle of the Somme where it assisted with the capture of Pozières in July–August 1916 and the pursuit of the German army to the Hindenburg Line the following spring.

The role of the South Midland Division during the Third Ypres offensive in late summer and autumn of 1917 is also chronicled. Following this, the division entrained for Italy where it was part of the Franco-British force dispatched to reinforce the Italian Army following the Caporetto disaster.

It was 48th Division’s successful defence of the tactically important Asiago Plateau high above the Lombardy Plain on 15 June 1918 that contributed to the defeat of Austro-Hungarian attackers attempting to break into the rear of the main Italian position on the Piave with potentially disastrous results. Despite fighting an effective defensive action, subsequently described by one officer as ‘a brilliant little victory’, the Divisional Commander, Major General Sir Robert Fanshawe, was sacked and sent home much to the dismay of officers and men. In seeking to understand what lay behind the shocking removal of an apparently successful commander, A Brilliant Little Victory provides a detailed analysis of the battle and factors that may have contributed to this sacking before offering a conclusion about whether or not it was, given the standards of the era, justified.