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Wydawca: Academy Games

Become a Lord in the court of King Henry VIII in this worker-placement Eurogame for 2 to 4 players!

Position your courtiers in audience chambers that each grant you access to a variety of game actions. Use actions to collect diplomatic resources to maneuver your Courtiers in the Throne Room and gather Court Tokens for Prestige (Victory Points). Reach the head of the court to gain positions of power and place the position’s ring on a finger of your player screen.

The placement of your rings activate a variety of special abilities that enhance the actions your Courtiers can take in the Audience Chambers. You must be vigilant though, for your positions and rings can be stolen by other players. Play through a variety of diverse scenarios that each have their own set of special rules. The scenarios combined with the variable scoring cards make every game feel different with unique strategies that you will need to pursue to win.