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1883 is a game based on the 18xx system, which has 1830 as its most famous exponent. 1883 was a year of great importance in the development of Italian railways with the approval of a law that allowed the birth of small local railways to improve connections between cities and towns.
This game reproduces those days and the forgotten history of the small railways of the past in this portion of the Po Valley, connecting the most remote villages in the Emilian Apennines with the Great River Po.
In 1883 2 to 4 tycoons will compete to earn money and build the best portfolio by investing and operating on the Italian railway system from 1883 onwards.

Components: 1 mounted map, 6 countersheets, 9 Company cards, 1 set of banknotes, 183 cards, wooden cubes, 1 10-sided die, 1 rulebook


Manlio Manzini




3-5 hours