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IQ FILES is a ESCAPE ROOM card game.

It consists in 3 adventures where 5-6 character are met in a room, without knowing each other, they will have to find the Exit, resolving several kind of tests: logical, deduction, jigsaw. But be careful!! they can die while they are trying to find the way out!!

There are more than 90 cards in each adventure.

Each card have also a combination number so you can combine any two cards (objects, characters) and see what happen.

The game mixes several kind of mechanics and keep the players in suspense till the end of the game.

Although you can play alone, it's easier to play with more people to help each other.

Each adventure has a difficulty level from 1 to 10.

Each game takes from 90 to 120 minutes and there are 2 ways of playing.

  • Play with chronometer: game ends when time runs up (90 minutes).
  • Play with no chronometer: we really suggest this way as you will enjoy better what's happening in the adventure .

Adventure 1: LIBERACIÓN Difficulty 4/10

Adventure 2: PECADOS Difficulty 6/10

Adventure 3: AMNESIA Difficulty 8/10

All these 3 adventures are independent games.

—description from the publisher

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