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IQ FILES is a ESCAPE ROOM card game with 3 independent adventures. Characters meet in a locked room and have to find the exit by resolving several kind of tests: logical, deduction, jigsaw. But be careful!! They can die while they are trying to find the way out!!

There are more than 90 cards in each adventure. Each card has a combination number which you can use to combine any two cards (objects, characters) and see what happen..

Each adventure has a difficulty level from 1 to 10. Although you can play alone, it's easier to play with more people to help each other.

Each game takes from 90 to 120 minutes and there are 2 ways of playing.

Play with chronometer: game ends when time runs up (90 minutes).
Play with no chronometer: to better enjoy the adventure.

Adventure 1: LIBERACIÓN Difficulty 4/10

Adventure 2: PECADOS Difficulty 6/10

Adventure 3: AMNESIA Difficulty 8/10

—description from publisher

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