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War Diary Magazine Issue #19

A new wargaming magazine, but decidedly old-school in our approach.  We don't publish any games, but then don't you already pay enough for games you may never play?

Published quarterly, WAR DIARY magazine publishes no games but instead concentrates on thoroughly examining existing games from a wide range of game publishers, both large and small.  Each issue contains historical articles with tie-ins to gaming topics;  new game scenarios, variants, and expansions; game and book reviews; interviews with notable gaming personalities; and articles on game strategy and good play.  Contributors include an interesting mix of both well-known and new writers, each with a unique perspective.

EAGLES OF FRANCE: Last Eagles, Ligny 1815 by Michael Stultz. In this first installment of a two-part series, the author looks at the historical battle.

ROME vs. GAUL: Playing the Romans by William Walker. An overview of Roman strategy for this Mark Siminovitch design from GMT.

THE GREAT CRISIS OF FREDERICK THE GREAT: A Review by John D. Burtt. A look at this Seven Years War game from VUCO Simulations.

FORTRESS EUROPA: VARIANT RULES by Tom Cundiff. New optional rules for the classic from Compass Games.

PARMA 1734: A Review by Jon Southard. A first look at this game from Aleph Game Studio, covering the historical northern Italian battle.

POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Has the Popularity of Wargaming Plummeted? by Lewis Pulsipher and Maurice Firzgerald. Two sides of the “is wargaming dying” discussion.

ON GAMING: Cold as Dice by Michael Webb.

PASS IN REVIEW: Capsule Reviews by Roy Matheson, John Burtt, Hans Korting, Andy Nunez, Hans Korting, and Michael Stultz