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Wydawca: VentoNuovo Games

Stalingrad: Inferno on The Volga recreates one of the most bloody and epic battles of World War II.  Four different game modes are provided, including a complete solitaire system that challenges the player to overcome a tenacious Soviet (AI) defense.

The battle became a clash of wills between Hitler and Stalin, who each threw vast amounts of men and material into a deadly struggle the outcome of which helped bring about the defeat of the Third Reich.

Inferno’s map has been created from an assortment of contemporary air reconnaissance photographs.  It depicts in vivid detail both the city itself as well as its outlying regions.  This is Stalin’s eponymous city as it was on August 23, 1942 – just before the full fury of the German assault was about to be unleashed.  From Latoshinka to Kuporosnoye, the map follows some 30km of the Volga, and extends to the west as far as Gumrak Airfield, Orlovka, and Aleksandrovka.  The map scale is 1:33000, with hexes that represent 1.1 kilometers per each side.

Stickered blocks represent regiments for the Germans (along with some assault battalions) and brigades/divisions for the Soviets.  The game covers the battle from August 23 to November 20 and will take 30 to 60 minutes to complete.  The unit blocks act to provide both fog-of-war and the simple tracking of formation strength.  Cards for both sides add further historical depth as well as the chance of the unforeseen affecting key moments in the battle.


Solitaire: (German Player versus Soviet AI)

Cooperative: (Two German Players versus Soviet AI)

Competitive: Two-player (German Player versus Soviet Player)

Competitive: Three-player (Two German Players versus Soviet Player)

The game is played on a stunning and highly detailed 84x60 cm (33”x24”) multicolored mapboard.  

A game lasts  30 – 60 minutes. 



- 93 Wooden Blocks and 2 UberBlocks

- 1 MapBoard (heavy stock, laminated 84 x 60 cm)

- 1 Updated Rules Manual (20 Pages)

- 55 Cards

- 40 Wooden Markers

- 95 PVC stickers

- 6 Dice

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