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Wydawca: One Small Step

Game Design: Joseph Miranda

Arc of the Kaiser's Last Raider (Last Raider for short) puts you in the position of a writer of pulp fiction during the 1920s in which you are trying to complete an adventure fiction novel set some time during World War I on the high seas. You, the writer, are trying to construct a story arc in which the narrator of your novel, the commander of a German high seas raider in 1917, is trying to find a lost secret somewhere in the South Seas which, if he can return it to a port in Europe, will change the course of the World War raging in Europe. This objective is represented by an Objective card.

Along the way, your commander must face many perils, from shark infested waters to monolith haunted lost islands to Uber-Nemeses who will do anything to stop him from completing his mission. These are represented by various Plot Cards.

But you have many ways to complete your mission (i.e., finish the book on deadline). One of these is the mighty Cliche, cards which you can hold and play at critical moments when all seems lost. However, the more Cliche cards you play, the greater the chance you have of losing the reader's suspension of disbelief, quantified as The Plot Thins Index. When you reach your Objective, you must use your Savvy and trusty crew to overcome the final obstacles, grab the prize, and then return home.

Can you complete your mission, finish on deadline, and still have any readers left? Play Arc of the Kaiser's Last Raider and find out!

1 17x11 map
4 Ship Panels
1 Player Aid Sheet
6 Sheets of Playing Cards
1 sheet of Die-Cut, Full-Color Playing Pieces
1 Book of Rules

Game Information
Solitaire Suitability: 10 out of 10
Complexity: 5 out of 10
Number of Players: 1
Playing Time: 2 to 4 hours
Ages 12 and up