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Wydawca: Richter Kosim

"You are assigned a new and difficult task… I know no other man in which I have such limitless faith as I have in you. Perhaps you will still be able to save the day in the east… The Kaiser, too, has faith in you… Therefore, take up your new post, which is the greatest that can be granted to a soldier. You will not betray the trust placed in you."

Helmuth von Moltke to Hindenburg’s chief of staff Erich Ludendorff

Hindenburg’s Hour is a solitaire simulation of the Tannenberg campaign in August, 1914, which puts you in place of the commander of the German 8th Army. Your task is to defend the province of East Prussia against the Russian 1st and 2nd Armies, advancing from east and south, respectively. Simple yet elegant mechanics make for an entertaining challenge. Will you be up to it and justify the Kaiser’s faith in you?

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