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Game Design: Gary Graber

Some have called it the most crucial campaign of the Second World War. It was not fought on the ground with tanks and artillery; it was the Battle of the Atlantic, pitting the German wolfpacks versus the allied convoy system. Upon the result of the campaign hung the fate of Great Britain, and, by extension, the Allied cause in Europe.

Atlantic Wolves is a solitaire game based on this important World War II naval campaign. It covers the decisive part of the campaign, August 1942 to May 1943. The player, assuming the role of Admiral Karl Doenitz, controls the German Kriegsmarine and tries to achieve success against the Allies, played by the game system.

Atlantic Wolves comes with an 22" × 17" inch map, a sheet of counters (one inch square), a deck of Event Cards, a Tally Sheet, a charts and tables sheet, and rules.

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