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Wydawca: Compass Games
Victory at Sea, Original 1992 Edition is a strategic level game developed from Jedko’s popular naval game, War at Sea. This two-player game refights the Battle of the Atlantic in every detail. This is a game of Grand Strategy with each player assuming the role of an Admiral of the Fleet and trying to control the sea areas that are important to his nation’s interests. The rules are easy to learn, and yet require cunning strategies to achieve ultimate victory. An ideal wargame for beginner’s, Victory at Sea also serves as a fast-playing, tense contest for experience gamers.
The Allied player, although possessing a mighty armada of English and American ships, faces a difficult task. The Kreigsmarine’s powerful battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz present a formidable threat. Control of the Mediterranean must be wrested from an elusive Italian fleet. Vital convoys have to be protected from stalking U-Boats and audacious German surface raiders. Oilers in the Atlantic allow ships such as the Graf Spee to elude pursuit whilst harassing Allied vessels. The Axis player has a small fleet by comparison to the Allies, but a shrewd strategy can exhaust hsi opponent and win the war.
Victory at Sea allows you to recreate every major aspect of the naval war. The game mechanics include Admirals, port repair facilities, the invasion of France, U-Boat technology, surface raiders & oilers, the British Home Fleet, critical hits & damage control, limited intelligence, airpower, mines, and convoys. Components include a colorful mounted mapboard and 117 large counters representing all major German, Italian, British, American and Russian capital ships of the European theater.

Product Information:

  • Complexity: Low
  • Time Scale: abstract (9 turns)
  • Map Scale: area movement
  • Unit Scale: individual capital ships
  • Players: 1-2 players
  • Solitaire: High
  • Playing Time: 3 hours or less