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SOE: Lysander is the first of a new set of low-cost, book-based games in the "Special Missions" series that put you directly into the cockpit.

Your mission is as a pilot in Great Britain's most secret aviation unit, "A" Flight of RAF 161 Squadron (Special Duties). You will fly Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents, wireless operators, saboteurs, assassins, political figures, heads of the French Resistance, and others into and out of German-occupied France during the darkest times of the Second World War.

By moonlight, you will navigate your Westland Lysander Mk. IIIA (SD) aircraft across the Channel and over occupied France to find a distant landing zone deep behind enemy lines. You will encounter flak, German patrols, small arms fire, night fighters, and the constant threat of being discovered by the Gestapo.

SOE: Lysander is in the solitaire narrative style and with a small table footprint and easy-to-learn rules. While the gameplay is designed to be straightforward, the challenges you will face are extensive. Your goal is to keep your assigned Circuits supplied -- these are underground partisan cells in the French Resistance. Your operations begin in April 1943 and your mission continues until just before D-Day.

The odds of survival are slim. Do you have what it takes?