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In the late summer of 1914, the German General Staff informed their Austro-Hungarian allies that they would stand on the defensive against their common Russian enemy. Undeterred by this reality, the Austrians pushed forward with their plans to attack. After initial successes, the outnumbered Austro-Hungarian forces fell back with severe losses.


Fall of Empires is a stand-alone game in the Infantry Attacks series, our World War One equivalent to the long-running Panzer Grenadier series. Units are companies and squadrons, and the sixty scenarios represent actions from the opening battles of 1914 in on the Eastern Front between the Russian and Austro-Hungarian armies.


Forces include the Austro-Hungarian Common Army's infantry, mountain troops, artillery and cavalry. The Austrian Landwehr and Hungarian Honvédség, the regular armies of the two halves of the Dual Monarchy, also have their own infantry, mountain troops, artillery and cavalry. And the Bosniaken, the fierce Muslim regiments recruited in Bosnia-Hercegovina, appear in their own colors as well. Against that multi-national array, the Imperial Russian Army brings its own infantry, cavalry, Cossacks and Plastuns.


There are six semi-rigid mapboards, the same type found in Panzer Grenadier games. They are fully compatible with the Panzer Grenadier boards — you can play scenarios from either series on mapboards from the other game system.