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Wydawca: White Dog Games

At Neuve Chapelle provides a tactical simulation of the World War I battle. The British attempted to reduce a poorly-defended German salient centered on the town of Neuve Chapelle. Plans were to expand a breakthrough and with cavalry and infantry reserves take the Aubers ridge line. However, poor communication and coordination and the weather conspired to slow the initial British successes and allowed the German army to rush reinforcements into the area. Among other game features, At Neuve Chapelle uses offensive artillery and defensive artillery fire, British command checks, and a unique assault combat mechanic to simulate the bloody struggle.


  • 176 5/8” Laser-Cut Counters and Markers
  • 22” x 17” Game Map in Two 17” x 11” Sections
  • 4-Page Rule Book


Design by Michael W. Kennedy

Map and Cover Art by Mike Mirfin

Counters by Tom Cundiff

Play Testing by Hermann Luttman, Chris Hansen, Frank Fitzpatrick

Vassal Module by Art Bennett