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Wydawca: Decision Games

A "quad" boxed game from Decision Games that also links its "game system" to two other paired WWI battles published in Strategy & Tactics magazine (Mons/Marne #186 and Lemberg/Verdun #198). The boxed game includes the following four battles:

  • Brusilov Offensive, 1916
  • Riga, 1917
  • St. Mihiel, 1918
  • Damascus, 1918

These four battles are all unusual in that they were all very unbalanced matchups. Gameplay reflects that - one player is usually trying to back up and just survive. Command and command breakdown is simulated as well as "breakthrough" attacks and two interesting spins on Artillery barrage: suppression of units and 'cratering' of terrain.

Comes with: Rules, 2 34" x 22" Maps, 560 Die cut counters