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Middle East Campaigns covers all three Ottoman fronts (Trans-Caucasus, Mesopotamia, Palestine) plus an addition to the Serbia game extending it south to Salonika and covering the rest of the war in Greece, Serbia, and Bulgaria extending Der Weltkrieg Series to the Ottoman Empire. Four maps, three counter sheets.

Five separate scenarios:

Kalfas Cephesi - Caucasus: 1914-17
The Ottoman Empire joins the Central Powers in the World War. The Turks stop a premature Russian offensive and then launch a disastrous counter invasion. Thus begin three years of fighting in the desolate Trans-Caucasus mountains.
Sina-Filistin Cephesi: 1915-18
The Ottomans attempt to seize the Suez Canal. The British advance across the Sinai wastes to invade Palestine. Both the desert and determined Ottoman resistance impede British efforts to seize the Holy Land and threaten Turkey from the south.
Irak Cephesi - Mesopotamia: 1914-18
The British move quickly to secure the Abadan oil fields with the Indian Army. The Indian colonial government lobbies to push further into Mesopotamia, with Baghdad as the objective. The British led forces move deep inland and encounter serious difficulty.
Canakkale Cephesi- Gallipoli: 1915
The plan was as brilliant as it was simple. Rapidly seize the Dardenelles and place Istanbul under the guns of the Entente fleet. This simple plan proved difficult to execute. Poor planning, difficult terrain, and dogged Turkish resistance bring the amphibious invasion to a standstill. Gallipoli becomes the birthplace of Australian and New Zealand national identities, as well as that of modern Turkey.

Makadoya Cephesi - Greece: 1915-18
Serbia's imminent collapse causes the Entente to occupy the Greek port of Salonika. Combined British, French, Serbian, and finally Greek forces fight against Bulgarians and their German and Austro-Hungarian allies on this strategically important front.

Easy to Learn System - Only 22 pages of Standard Rules. So you get to playing faster. And these rules apply to ALL of the games. So learn one and you can play them All!

Scale is 20km/hex
4 days per turn
Unit Sizes: Division/Brigade

840 Backprinted Counters
Standard and Scenario Rulebooks
Four 34in x 22in Maps