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At Villers Cottérêts: Mons 1914 is a tactical, battalion scale game on the rearguard action during the battle of Mons where a massively outnumbered BEF brigade held up 2 German divisions for an afternoon until another friendly force arrived and was able to cover their retreat. The battle itself is emblematic of the whole Mons campaign in itself where the BEF consistently found themselves outnumbered in every engagement, though managing miraculous tactical victories strung together into a strategic victory at the outset of the war.

The mechanics put a focus on command and control, only allowing forces in command with one another to cooperate or concentrate fire. Each SP will be approximately 100-250 rifles. Turns are 30 minutes lasting from 0630 to 1400.

This game will include the standard map, 140 counters, rules and possibly some player aids and dice.

WEIGHT: 8-9/10

Design by Ray Weiss
Development by Matt Ward
Map by Shayne Logan
Special Thanks to Matt Baumgartner & Hermann Luttman

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