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Great War Commander Battle Pack Nr1 is the first of what will be many themed scenario packs for use with the Great War Commander series of games.

This first Battle Pack is focused on the western front with actions opposing the German forces to the US, British, French and even Portuguese troops.

This Battle Pack features 12 new scenarios - one of which is an amphibious assault - as well as a thrilling Verdun campaign.
It also includes 2 stunning new maps and 113 new counters with new units (French Foreign Legion), new tanks (mark I), and new weapons (37mm infantry gun).

—description from the designer

Two new maps (maps 23 & 24)
Twelve new Scenarios (see below)
One Verdun campaign
113 die-cut counters
28 additional counters to correct BEF colorization

Rules for Smoke, Beach terrain and updated Artillery table
The Verdun campaign is played in a series of linked "battles". It portrays the April 1916fights for the Mort Homme and Côte 304.
Map 23 depicts a specific location: Hill60 (accurate to actual trench map)

The scenarios in GWC: BP Nr1 include:

  1. 33 "Étrépilly" French (Zouaves and Chasseurs) vs Germans, 7 September 1914;
  2. 34 "Race to the Bridge" British (Royal Marines) vs Germans, 9 October 1914;
  3. 35 "Garibaldi Legion" French Foreign Legion (Italian volunteers) vs Germans, 26 December 1914;
  4. 36 "Hill 60 Chapter I" British vs Germans, british mining and attack on Hill 60 17 April 1915;
  5. 37 "Hill 60 Chapter II" British vs Germans, german counterattack on Hill 60 18 April 1915;
  6. 38 "Landships" Canadians vs Germans, first appearance of the tanks (Mark I) 15 September 1916;
  7. 39 "Primera Patrulha" Portuguese (CEP) vs Germans, 2 June 1917;
  8. 40 "Operation Hush" British vs Germans, the amphibious assault that never was, August 1917;
  9. 41 "Following the Tanks" Highlanders vs Germans, 20 November 1917;
  10. 42 "Faverolles" French vs Germans, 3 June 1918;
  11. 43 "Guillemont Farm" US vs Germans, 29 September 1918;
  12. 44 "Fast and Frious" US vs Germans, Sgt York's Medal of Honor, 8 October 1918;

NOTE: GWC:BP Nr1 is not a complete game and requires ownership of both Great War Commander and Great War Commander: BEF to play.

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