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Tannenberg: The Introductory Game is a perfect game for learning basic wargaming concepts. The game uses the same basic rules used in an entire series on the battles and campaigns of the World Wars. Learning this simple game prepares you for playing games on almost every battle and every campaign of the Der Weltkrieg series.

The Historical Background
Tannenberg – The Introductory Game covers the Russian invasion of German East Prussia in 1914, and the subsequent German counter thrusts.

The Russians plan to invade Germany from two directions at once, trapping the Germans in the middle. The Russians vastly outnumbered their foes, as the bulk of the German army is invading France at the onset of war. The Germans plan to conduct a fighting withdraw from East Prussia, but their commanding General panics.

It’s up to you to determine the outcome. Will your decisions produce Victory or Defeat?

The Tannenberg battle in this game is a smaller version of the Tannenberg battle in the 2-scenario box Tannenberg: Eagles in the East / Galicia: The Forgotten Cauldron and the 6-scenario box The Eastern Front: 1914-1917. (The larger versions can be combined into larger scenarios or campaigns.)

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