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Wydawca: Lock 'n Load

Designed by Lock 'n Load guru, Robert Herzner, Lock 'n Load: Noville -Bastogne's Outpost is an expansion to Band Of Heroes that depicts the intense fighting for the small town of Noville. Located northeast of Bastogne, Noville was defended by Team Desobry, straggers from a handful of shattered American formations, elements of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, and a handful of M-18 Hellcats from the 609th Tank Destroyer Battalion. This patchwork quilt of men and machines held Noville for two days against the onslaught of the German's 2nd Panzer Division and 26th Volkgrenediers. 


Noville -Bastogne's Outpost depicts this fierce struggle on a verdant 22" x 34" map created from actual maps of the period. There are six scenarios (listed below) featuring tense battles between American tank-infantry teams against Panzer Grenadiers, Volksgrenadiers, and Panzers of the Wehrmacht. Beautiful new counters, drawn by David Julien, include American M4A3E8 East Eight Shermans, M-18 Wildcats, M8 Armored cars, German Jagpanthers, Volsgrenadiers, and more.  


This game is NOT a complete game. You must own Band of Heroes (1st or 2nd edition) and Swift and Bold to play Noville -Bastogne's Outpost.


Scenarios Include:

·          Roadblocks! (12/19/44): When Team Desobry arrived at the small cross roads settlement of Noville their task was clear -stop the German advance on Bastogne. The men of Combat Command B (CCB), of which the team was a part of, had barely enough firepower to block a single road, but they had to block three. Includes special rules for solitaire play.

·          Tigers in the Mist (12/19/44): In the morning the men had to fall back to Noville proper. But the day’s fighting had just begun. Out of the almost impenetrable mist came threatening noises -Tigers were on the prowl.

·          Here comes the Sun (12/19/44): Suddenly the mist lifted as if drawn aside by an invisible hand; the defenders saw Noville surrounded by Panthers, Tigers, Panzer IVs and groups of advancing infantry. What could well have been a disastrous defeat was turned into an equal fight by the timely arrival of the Hellcats of the 609th TD battalion.

·          A Counterattack Countered (12/19/44): His forces bolstered by the hardy Paras of the 1st BN 506th PIR, Maj. Desobry felt confident. He immediately ordered a counterattack to take the high ground around Noville. The Volksgrenadiers and German Panzers had other ideas however.

·          One Hell of a Night (12/19-20/44): All through the night the Paras held against probing attacks of ever-mounting intensity. It was a nightmare of violent fire fights, clanking tank tracks, and confusion, but the Paras gave as good as they got. Includes special rules for solitaire play.

·          Closing the Sack (12/20/44): In the morning the extent of the German build-up was apparent. Noville was threatened with encirclement. HQ decided to evacuate the town and fall back to Foy. Will the US forces manage to break through the tightening ring of iron or will the Wehrmacht close the sack?



·         A huge, 22" x 34" historical map of Noville and the surrounding area. 

·         85 new 5/8", ľ", and 7/8" counters (85 counters total).  

·         New rules covering roadblocks, fog, American infantry, Volksgrenadiers, and more.

·         6 historical scenarios. 

·         Revised 8.5" x 11" Player's aid card, with sequence of play and other aids.