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Rivers To The Reich is a scenario pack for Advanced Squad Leader with 15 scenario adaptations by Jim Stahler, completing the official Squad Leader scenario conversions begun with Turning The Tide. The 15 scenarios in Rivers To The Reich cover actions on the Western Front after August 1944. Two sheets of overlays, replicating those that originally appeared in the Squad Leader module GI: Anvil Of Victory, are also included.


Scenario list:

U34 The Dornot Watermark (American vs German, France, 1944)

U35 Semper Paratus (Canadian vs German, Holland, 1944)

U36 Operation Switchback (Canadian vs German, Holland, 1944)

U37 Scheldt Fortress South (British vs German, Holland, 1944)

U38 Clearing The Breskins Pocket (British vs German, Holland, 1944)

U39 The Clearing (American vs German, Germany, 1944)

U40 Vitality I (Canadian vs German, Holland, 1944)

U41 Infatuate II (British vs German, Holland, 1944)

U42 Stand Fast (American vs German, Germany, 1944)

U43 The Roer Bridgehead (American vs German, Germany, 1945)

U44 Operation Varsity (American vs German, Germany, 1945)

U45 Bridgehead On The Rhine (British vs German, Germany, 1945)

U46 Encircling The Ruhr (American vs German, Germany, 1945)

U47 A Small Town In Germany (Canadian vs German, Germany, 1945)

U48 The Rag Tag Circus (American vs German, Germany, 1945)


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