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Combat Commander: Battle Pack #2 – Stalingrad is the second themed collection of scenarios for use with the Combat Commander: Europe series of games. The theme of this second Battle Pack shifts to the East Front in late 1942 as German and Soviet forces clash in and around the vaunted city of Stalingrad. CC–Stalingrad features eleven new scenarios printed on cardstock -- one of which is a new style of multi-scenario Campaign Game -- as well as eight new maps and dozens of new counters. Numerous additional rules relevant to the dense urban fighting characteristic of the struggle for Stalingrad are also included:


Urban Snipers;

Ongoing Melee;

Rubble, Debris & Craters;

Underground Sewer Movement;

and the “Ampulomet” Molotov Launcher.


The scenarios included in CC–Stalingrad are:

“Spartakovka Salient” set at Spartakovka, 23 August 1942;

“Sea Devils” set at the Grain Elevator, 18 September 1942;

“Dom 31”, behind the Barrikady, 27 October 1942

“Not One Step Back!” set at Dolgyi Gully, 1 October 1942;

“Fortresses of Blood and Iron” set near the Volga River, 1 October 1942;

“Into the Breach” set at the Barrikady’s Great Assembly Hall, 17 October 1942;

“The Commissar's House” as fought on 13 November 1942;

“Shootout at Obliskaya” seeing the Rumanians fighting for Obliskaya Airfield, 1 December 1942;

“Lyudnikov's Island” near the Fuel Tank Area, 22 December 1942;

“Stalingradof the North” set at Veliki Luki, 14 January 1943;

and the “Stand and Die” multi-scenario Campaign Game recreating the battle for Mamayev Kurgan, late September 1942.


NOTE: CC–Stalingrad is not a complete game and requires ownership of both Combat Commander: Europe and Combat Commander: Mediterranean to play. 7 of 11 in the Pack can be played without owning CC: Mediterranean.


Designed by John Foley and Chad Jensen


Additional scenario designs in this second Pack are courtesy of Mark Kalina, Bryan Collars, Kai Jensen and Will Green.



  • 8 battle maps
  • 88 counters
  • 11 scenarios