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Combat Commander: Battle Pack #6 – Sea Lion is the sixth themed collection of scenarios for use with the Combat Commander series of games. The theme of this Battle Pack carries forward from BP #5 and presents a what if situation of a successful invasion of Great Britain.  The early and successful conclusion to the Battle of Britain allows the Luftwaffe to dominate the skies over southern England and the Channel Ports of Southampton and Portsmouth.   The actions represented in the battle pack cover the period of late September thru December 1940 and showcase the initial invasion, the Axis advance towards London, its eventual capture, the early entry of the United States into the war, and finally the British counter offensive, Operation Tremor, to drive the hated enemy from its shores.  CC-Sea Lion features ten new scenarios printed on card stock and ten new maps.


Players will find scenario special rules to cover such topics as:


• Airdrops (both Fallschirmjäger and supplies)

• Prison Breaks

• British Fascist uprisings

• Targeted Sniper Attacks

• Partisan attacks on German Rear Areas

• Alternative night rules for Opportunity Fire



The new maps depict specific locations in southern England, several of which the designer has personally visited.  The player will get to fight over critical areas such as Portsmouth, the Medway River, Trafalgar Square and Holloway Prison in London, and the Port of Dover.  Can you command the troops at your disposal to crush the British spirit and win the war for Germany or muster the remnants of the forces rescued from Dunkirk and the Home Guard to repel the invader and send him back across the Channel?  Operation Sea Lion is active and commences now.


The scenarios included in CC–Sea Lion are:


·         86 – “Keep Calm and Carry On” Operation Sea Lion opens with the Airborne invasion of England near the village of Brede, 22 September 1940;

·         87 – “Bloody Bognor” set at Bognor Regis, a key Royal Naval Watch Station, where the invading Germans eschew a frontal seaborne assault for encirclement and attack from the rear, 23 September 1940;

·         88 – “All Ahead, Full Stop” set at the Medway River Stop Line, a prime anti-tank defense position, where rag-tag Free French forces counter attack to retake lost fortifications, 5 October 1940;

·         89 – “Beneath a Steel Sky” set at the Portsmouth docks as the cutoff garrison fight off the Germans as well as British bombers, 30 September 1940;

·         90 – “The Man Who Would Be King” set at Holloway Prison,  London, as hastily armed British Union of Fascists troops attempt to break Oswald Mosely out of prison,  28 October 1940;

·         91 – “The Battle of Trafalgar” set at Trafalgar Square, London, a bitter fight over the cultural heart of the British nation as German troops assault defending British forces, 14 October 1940;

·         92 – “Let England Shake” set near Highclere Castle as rejuvenated British forces launch Operation Tremor, the counter offensive to drive the Germans from English soil, 19 November 1940;

·         93 – “Foxtrot Uniform” set at Upper Heyford R.A.F. Base near Bicester as United States forces enter the conflict featuring AA guns utilized in an anti-personnel mode, 24 November 1940;

·         94 – “The Tonbridge Two” set at Hawkshead Woods, Tonbridge Wells as British Partisans ambush German rear area troops conducting anti-partisan operations, 11 December 1940;

·         95 – “Lined in Chalk” set near the Port of Dover as British forces conduct a furious assault to recapture cross Channel artillery which if successful will cutoff German reinforcements and resupply, 25 December 1940;


NOTE: CC–Sea Lion is not a complete game and requires ownership of Combat Commander: Europe and Combat Commander: Mediterranean to play.