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War Stories: Liberty Road puts you in command of Allied and German tanks and platoons of vehicles in World War 2, 1944. The action is fast and realistic; the system is easy-to-learn.


In War Stories you are the commander issuing orders to infantry squads and armored fighting vehicles. Each game presents a scenario using a modular map with different terrain that regulates movement and impacts combat in a unique system that does not require charts or endless modifiers. Players receive a secret set of instructions with hidden deployment and objectives. Unit blocks have a variety of information that regulates their ability to move, fight and remain cool under fire.


War Stories also offers "rule breaking" asset and event cards. These enable War Stories to have additional complexity with minimal rules weight: the rules and effects are on the cards themselves. Assets are special equipment, troops, and abilities that a player has access to during the battle, such as machine guns, infiltration units, and the ability to lay mines. Events are random things that happen and create memorable moments on the battlefield such as reinforcements arriving, a gust of wind that starts a wildfire, or a damaged vehicle suddenly brewing up.



·         5 double-sided mapboards

·         24 double-sided terrain overlays

·         75 different unit blocks

·         112 counters (vehicle damage, battlefield damage, fog of war, unit, order and ambush markers)

·         33 asset cards

·         21 event cards

·         24 combat chips and 1 drawbag

·         2 16-page scenario booklets (one German and one Allied)

·         1 20-page rule book


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