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War Stories: Red Storm combines the best of miniature gaming with the best of board gaming to create a fast-playing, rewardingly deep tactical battle system with museum-quality vehicle miniatures. Easy to learn for the casual gamer and difficult to master for the die hard wargamer, pushing gorgeous tanks around the board has never been this much fun!


Red Storm is the first entry in the War Stories series. Featuring 20 scenarios chronicling the ascent of the Red Army during World War 2 - from the turning point at Stalingrad to the Korsun Pocket - Red Storm puts gorgeous T-34s, Panthers, Tigers and many more high-quality pre-painted miniatures at your disposal to achieve your objectives and outfight your opponent. You also have a wide range of purchasable assets to buff your units - such as tactical bombers, flamethrowers, and special ammo - and you have unprecedented tactical flexibility and power. Throw in random events that enhance battlefield realism with thrilling unpredictability and you have a unique playing experience.


Choose one of our pre-designed scenarios or create your own. Each side starts with assigned units but you may purchase strategic, tactical, or battlefield assets and additional units to customize your force and shock your opponent.


What makes War Stories: Red Storm stand out from the crowd is its unprecedented combination of a detail and ease of play. The diceless combat system resolves everything with a single card draw. No tedious to-hit calculations before every shot. All you need to do is declare a target, draw a card, and READ the result. There is an incredible amount of detail on each card but ALL the number crunching is done for you! It sounds too good to be true but you really need to see it in action to believe it! All you have to do is trust your plan and execute. War Stories: Red Storm brings the speed and power of a turn-based computer game right to your gaming table.


War Stories: Red Storm is not a perfect information game. You see the battle as a field commander would. You won't know how a suppressed unit will perform or the extent of damage to a tank that was just hit until you activate it. Blocks store hidden information for each unit and create uncertainty as to the exact disposition of your opponent. Hidden units and random events mean no plan survives contact with the enemy. But don't expect to the win through hand management. The focus is on developing real life tactics, not gaming the system.



·         5 double-sided mapboards

·         23 double-sided terrain overlays

·         75 different unit blocks

·         109 counters (vehicle damage, battlefield damage, fog of war, unit, order and ambush markers)

·         33 asset cards

·         21 event cards

·         24 combat chips and 1 drawbag

·         2 16-page scenario booklets (one German and one Soviet)

·         2 player aids

·         1 20-page rule book