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Action Pack #10 features two new 8" x 22" maps (board 69 and board 70) of largely open countryside with a small village, and 8 scenarios which use them.


·         Best Think Again (Russians vs Germans, June 1941, Saudinikai, Russia)

·         Show Of Force (Germans vs Russians, March 1943, Graiworon, Ukraine)

·         Operation Kutuzov (Russians vs Germans, July 1943, Otrada, Russia)

·         Food Fight (Russian Partisans vs Ukrainian Partisans, April 1944, Hrabivka, Ukraine)

·         Strike Up The Band (Germans vs Americans, August 1944, Lesquern, France)

·         Last Laurels (Russians vs Germans, October 1944, Mihaly, Hungary)

·         Bare Foot Beating (Chinese vs Japanese, November 1944, Momauk, Burma)

·         Coal In Their Stockings (Americans vs Germans, December 1944, Foy-Notre-Dame, Belgium)


Action Pack #10 is not a complete product and assumes the buyer owns the core Advanced Squad Leader game system.


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