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Last Blitzkrieg is the first entry in the new Battalion Combat Series (BCS), which simulates combat in World War II (and beyond) at the battalion scale. Its subject is the German Ardennes offensive Wacht Am Rhein (the Battle of the Bulge) on four detailed maps (at 1km per hex) and with 1,680 counters. Last Blitzkrieg covers the battle in a level of detail rarely seen before and does so in a very playable manner. The BCS itself was designed to show that battalion level combat is its own subject, being neither "small divisions" nor "large platoons". The results may surprise some players, but will hopefully pique the interest of all and allow them to see many things they thought they already knew in a fresh light.


Key Battalion Combat Series concepts include:

·         Objectives

·         Recon Units

·         Concentrated Armor and Support

·         Prepared Defense

·         MSRs and Combat Trains

·         Set Piece Combats vs. Shock Attacks vs. Engagements

·         Artillery Barrages

·         Artillery Asset Points

·         Attack by Fire

·         SNAFU

·         Activation by Formation

·         Traffic and Coordination

·         Fatigue

·         Memory Markers


Last Blitzkrieg also adds:

·         Bridge Blowing

·         Greif Teams

·         Weather

·         Tiger Maintenance Woes

·         Voraus Units


Game play commences on 16 December 44 and ends on 31 December 44 (with each turn being one day) allowing the first phase of the Allied counterattack to proceed. The winner is determined by comparing the German high water mark in Victory Point hexes against the situation at the very end of the game.

In addition to the full campaign, which uses a 4-map "box" layout, there are 10 scenarios of various sizes:

·         Two 4-map scenarios

·         Three 2-map scenarios

·         Five 1-map scenarios (including two scenarios on portions of a single map)


Last Blitzkrieg was designed to bring all of this—and much more—to your table in a most historically accurate game that is jam-packed with information. The BCS was designed with twin goals: to provide the most insight possible into a battle and to provide games that have maximum playability.


Originally conceived as “OCS brought down to battalion level”, The Battalion Combat Series has since been revised as a system that specifically looks at combat where maneuver elements are battalions, more than just a matter of “OCS with smaller units.”

BCS is less complex than OCS but still retains the challenge of being a game focused on well-planned and well-played operations. Improved logistics, artillery, simpler air support, unit modes, and combined operations are all featured in this series. Overall, BCS has fewer moving parts, fewer sub-systems, and far fewer charts and tables.



  • Four 22" x 34" maps
  • Six countersheets
  • One Battalion Combat Series rules booklet
  • One Last Blitzkrieg specific rulebook
  • One Battalion Combat Series Crib Notes booklet
  • Two Battalion Combat Series Charts and Tables booklets
  • Two Last Blitzkrieg Charts and Tables booklets
  • One box and lid
  • Two 6-sided dice