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Wydawca: Columbia Games

Combat Infantry is a fast-paced World War II squad level game, employing our wooden blocks. The game system features innovative and interactive rules for Fire Combat, Close Combat, Morale, and Leaders. The game is sophisticated, yet very playable.

You command a German or American infantry battalion, composed of three infantry companies and a heavy weapons company. Expansion sets will include British, Soviet, Italian, and Japanese battalions.

Unit types include:

·       Leaders

·       Rifle Squads

·       Machine Guns

·       Mortars

·       Anti-Tank

·       Tanks

Units are organized by battalion, company, and platoon and must maintain unit integrity.

No WWII squad level game can claim accuracy without depicting fog-of-war (keep your head down or die). The wood blocks in this game provide fog-of-war and step reduction with no muss or fuss.

Two 16.5" x 22" geomorphic maps at a scale of 100 meters per hex are included.



  • 132 wooden blocks
  • 22 wooden markers
  • Labels
  • 2 Large Geomorphic Maps (16.5" x 22")
  • Rules
  • 4 Dice (d10)