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The popular Old School Tactical series returns for its second edition with Old School Tactical Volume II: West Front 1944-45. This iteration of the quick to learn, challenging to master, tactical game introduces the Americans to the series. Fight across the European countryside with M-10 tank destroyers and Sherman Easy Eight Tiger tank destroyers. Pile your powerful rifle squads into venerable M5 halftracks or nail an onrushing armored car with a bazooka. Find your enemy, fix them, flank them, and finish them. If it works on the battlefield it works in Old School Tactical, and it works with minimal fuss and muss.

New units in Old School Tactical Volume II: West Front 1944-45 include (but sure as heck aren't limited to):


·       Brummbar

·       SdKfz 251/22

·       Panther

·       Puma

·       PzKpfw IV H

·       Wirbelwind

·       PaK 40 75mmATG

·       German 2nd Line Infantry

·       Panzerfaust

·       Panzershreck


·       M5A1 halftrack

·       M16 halftrack (4x.50cal)

·       M8 Greyhound

·       M5 Stuart

·       M4A1 Sherman

·       M4A3e8 (Easy Eight)

·       M4A3 Sherman (105)

·       M10 Wolverine

·       HMG,MMG,BAR

·       Bazooka

·       Rifle and Engineer units

·       Leaders and Snipers

About Old School Tactical

Two players contest each scenario using counters representing the soldiers, guns, and vehicles that fought these desperate battles. On each turn, play goes back and forth between the sides as Impulse Points are spent to enable a player's forces to act. When the battle is over, casualty and victory points are tallied and a victor is declared.  


Infantry target other soft units and attack using their Firepower value against the target’s Defense value.  The attack can be modified by Leadership, support weapons and terrain effects. When things get intense, Assault moves into enemy hexes result in deadly Close Combat.  Dice rolls are made using the Infantry Combat Table, and results are implemented.  Attacking armored vehicles requires a roll to hit the vehicle.  If a hit is scored, the Firepower value of the attacker’s gun is used against the target’s front or flank defense value.  Dice rolls are made using the Vehicle Combat Table and results are enforced. Vehicles may also use their HE Firepower value and secondary armaments directly against soft targets using the Infantry Combat Table.



  • 3 sheets of unit, weapon, vehicle, and condition counters.
  • a large (We are talking HUGE!) 30" x 41" mounted game map, hexes are 1".
  • 18 luck cards, such as Trigger Happy, Unexpected Obstacle, and Surprise Attack.
  • 36 unit data cards.
  • scenarios.
  • player aid card.
  • color rule book.
  • dice.
  • massive box 


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