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In May 1941, the newly-commissioned German battleship Bismarck set out for the North Atlantic in company with the cruiser Prinz Eugen on a commerce-raiding mission. She captured no merchant ships, but sank a British battle cruiser and was herself destroyed in a hail of shells and torpedoes. For a brief moment she captured the world’s imagination, and now you can re-play her mission – and many others – in the Playbook edition of Second World War at Sea: Bismarck.

Bismarck, the game, covers the famous hunt for Bismarck, the battleship, but also all of the other German commerce raids into the Atlantic between the fall of 1939 and the summer of 1941. The breakout of the battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau is here, the raids of the cruisers Admiral Hipper and Scheer, and much more. Like all games in the series, this one is packed with scenarios - 45 of them!

Beyond those missions, we have those planned or discussed that weren’t attempted: the use of the German battleship Tirpitz, either alone or alongside her sister. German aircraft carriers. The U.S. Navy’s Central Atlantic Neutrality Patrol and its carriers, battleships and cruisers.

Bismarck includes a large operational map covering the North Atlantic Ocean, plus 490 playing pieces and a set of full-color play aids. Bismarck’s Playbook Edition comes with the Second World War at Sea Second Edition series rules, featuring full-color player charts and set-up cards.

Bismarck comes in our Playbook format: everything you need to play, except dice, inside a book.


  • 490 pieces
  • Two 35x24-inch operational maps
  • One 22x17-inch tactical map
  • 45 scenarios