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Deluxe ASL is a map-and-scenario pack based on the boards and scenarios from Streets of Fire and Hedgerow Hell.

Deluxe ASL includes:

  • all eight original Deluxe ASL maps (a-h), repainted by Charlie Kibler and finished in the "tri-fold" style of Deluxe maps i-l from Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #9;
    • all of the original Deluxe ASL overlays (from the 1995 Annual), also repainted by Charlie, and two sheets of *new* overlays;
    • four additional sheets of wooden and stone rubble Kibler overlays;
    • the original 18 Deluxe ASL scenarios, all updated and rebalanced as needed;
    • 20 additional, out-of-print Deluxe ASL scenarios, also updated and rebalanced as needed;
    • one box

    Scenarios include the "original 18" DASL scenarios:
    Guryev's Headquarters [D1]
    Berserk! [D2]
    Storming the Factory [D3]
    First to Strike [D4]
    Little Stalingrad [D5]
    Draconian Measures [D6]
    With Flame and Shell [D7]
    The Schoolhouse [D8]
    Preparing the Way [D9]
    The Final Battle [D10]
    Ripe Pickings [D11]
    Repulsed [D12]
    Bogged Down [D13]
    Buying the Farm [D14]
    Barkmann's Corner [D15]
    Clay Pigeons [D16]
    They're Coming! [D17]
    King of the Hill [D18]

    Additional scenarios include:
    Back to School [AD3]
    Brave Little Emchas [J65]
    Charging Chaumont [J123]
    Cobra Kings [J124]
    Headhunting For Bloody Huns [OB4]
    Himmler’s House [J89]
    In The Old Tradition [J11]
    Intimate War [AD5]
    Lehr Sanction [AD7]
    Mayhem in Manila [A103]
    Royal Marines [AD9]
    Sicilian Midnight [AD11, OA12]
    Smoke The Kents [GD-C]
    St. Barthelemy Bash [J6]
    The Island [AD4]
    The Kiwis Attack [GD-B]
    The Mailed Fist [AD13]
    The Road to St. Lo [OA1]
    The Tiger of Toungoo [AD10]
    To The Last Man [GD-A]


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