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Do you ever wish you could try a new game system and make sure it is for you?  Well now you can, with our Nations At War Starter Kit.  Nations At War Starter Kit gives you a chance to play a scenario from our Stalin’s Triumph game.  Our games are designed and produced with the new player in mind, and for today’s gamers: we use a large font size making our games easy to read, with high-quality components.  Our manuals have lots of examples to illustrate the game mechanics. Our motto is “Play the Game, Not the Rules” because we understand that the best way to learn a game system is to be shown.  We achieve this with our extensive play-list of “boot camp” training videos, available on YouTube, that walk you through the entire system rule by rule.  Our game manual comes in a variety of formats for free, these include PDF, EPUB, MP3 (YES Audio) and MP4 Audiobook formats.  On top of that, the game the Nations At War system is very solitaire friendly due to its activation system.  But that is not your only option: once you become familiar with the game system, you can play online with other players via our free downloadable VASSAL module. 


Included in our NaW Starter Kit is a full color printed 11 x 17 map, one counter sheet with 44 rounded counters 2 mm thick, an 11 x 17 player aid card, a set of playing cards and links to download your preferred game manual.  The only thing you will need a set if 1d6 dice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Starter Kit DOES NOT include a printed game manual.  The NaW Starter Kit is also included in the NaW Core Rules and can be downloaded for free from here.  You can also purchase a spiral-bound edition of the NaW Core Rules from here.  There is no difference between the Starter Kit included in the free download NaW Core Rules and this Printed Edition of the Starter Kit, with the one exception these materials are printed and come with die-cut counters.